Contact Center Management

Inbound & Outbound Contact Center, Telemarketing  BPO, System application, Infrastructure & Premises,  Omni Channel Solution, Contact Center Operation  Management, Desk Collection Management

Sales Business Management

Sales Acquisition, Recruitment, Assessment & Placement  Salesteam, Personalize Selling : Direct Telesales Digital  Sales & Loyalty Program, Sales Promoters, Sales Operation  Database management : supported with BIG DATA LEAD,  Funnel management, Performance & Improvement,  Motivation & Retention

Administration Management

Customer service Administration, Frontliner  Administration, Back Office Administration  Claim Administration, Policy Renewal  Administration, Data Entry Processing, Data  Verification, Filling & Archiving Management

Service Operation & Technical Support Services

Office IT support / operator, Field Technical help desk & IT support, Manufacturing support & operator

Crowdsourcing (Outcome based)

Providing business through Outcome based pricing  model, convert a significant part of your business fixed  cost into variable cost